Map of United States

The above map is based on state economic development program budgeted/proposed expenditures for fiscal year 2023 and business establishment data provided by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, QCEW (2021 Q4). Shown on the map are estimated economic development expenditures normalized by the number of business establishments in that state. Click on a state to view detailed information.

What is the State Economic Development Program Expenditures Database?
The State Economic Development Program Expenditures Database is a compilation of data on state investments in economic development that uses a consistent categorization of expenses across states for FY2007 to the current fiscal year. The Expenditures Database enables cross-state and time series comparisons in various economic development expense categories, including but not limited to:

How can you use the information provided by the Expenditures Database for your research and analysis purposes?
The Expenditures Database gives economic developers, policy makers, state officers and agencies, and economic researchers a one-stop resource for searching and comparing state economic development program expenditures.

Getting started
Please click on any state on the map to see that state's economic development program expenditures broken down by spending categories and fiscal year.